Outreach activities

Outreach activities: Members of the research team have contributed to the Bangor Ecoscience Days 2013 & 2014 with an interactive activity for school children entitled Acidifying Oceans.



Posters & presentations

Posters and presentations

Posters for 2014:

Long-term exposure of crabs to reduced salinity and pH: a temperate case study.  Coleen Suckling, Ben Ciotti, Ian McCarthy, Luis Giminez, Chris Hauton, Nia Whiteley. SCAR Symposium New Zealand Aug 2014.

Suckling et al_poster abstract_SCAR XXXIII 2014


Metabolic demands associated with physiological adjustments to environmental perturbations: medium-term exposures in Brachyuran crabs. Coleen Suckling, Ben Ciotti, James Brown, Amy Curry, Luis Gimenez, Ian McCarthy, Chris Hauton, Nia Whiteley. Society for Experimental Biology, Manchester July 2014.

Data collection


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Progress to date

We are currently exposing juvenile shore crabs (C. maenas) to an elevation in seawater pCO2 and reduced salinity. Details? The crabs have now been held for 6 months and are surviving well in all 4 treatments, although we are beginning to see differences in energy consumption and growth rates.